RMF-TX810U RMF-TX910U For Sony Voice FWD-75X95L KD-85X80L FWD-55X80L FWD-77A80L KD-65X75WL XR-55X90L XR-65X95L XR-75X95L TV Remote Control

RMF-TX810U RMF-TX910U For Sony Voice FWD-75X95L KD-85X80L FWD-55X80L FWD-77A80L KD-65X75WL XR-55X90L XR-65X95L XR-75X95L TV Remote Control


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Sony RMF-TX810U RMF-TX910U Voice Remote Control

Specifications of RMF-TX810U RMF-TX910U Voice Remote Control

  • Brand: Generic
  • Condition: Brand new
  • No programming or setup is required, easy and simple to operate.
  • Great compatibility, brand new and durable replacement remote control, works out of the packaging
  • Just put a brand new battery in and works. Power by 2x AAA batteries. (Not included)
  • Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control

    Package Includes:
    1x Replacement Remote Control as listed

Compatible Models:

  • The Remote Control Can Work with Below Knowing Models: 
  • KD43X77L KD-43X77L KD43X7L KD-43X7L KD50X77L KD-50X77L KD98X77L KD55X77L
    KD-55X77L KD55X80L KD-55X80L KD65X77L KD-65X77L KD65X80L KD-65X80L KD75X77L KD-75X77L KD75X80L KD-75X80L KD85X77L KD-85X77L XR65A80L KD85X80L KD-85X80L KD-98X77L XR43X90CL XR-43X90CL XR43X90L XR-43X90L XR43X93L XR-43X93L XR5A75L XR-5A75L XR55A75L XR-55A75L XR55A80CL XR-55A80CL XR55A80L XR-55A80L XR55A95L XR-55A95L XR55X90CL XR-55X90CL XR55X90L XR-55X90L XR55X93L XR-55X93L XR65A75L XR-65A75L XR-65A80CL XR-65A80L XR65A95L XR-65A95L XR65X90CL XR-65X90CL XR65X90L XR-65X90L XR65X93CL XR-65X93CL XR65X93L XR-65X93L XR65X93CL XR-65X93CL XR65X95L XR-65X95L XR75X90CL XR-75X90CL XR75X90L XR-75X90L XR75X93L XR-75X93L XR75X93CL XR-75X93CL XR75X95L XR-75X95L XR77A80CL XR-77A80CL XR77A80L XR-77A80L XR77A95L XR-77A95L XR83A80CL XR-83A80CL XR83A80L XR-83A80L XR85X90CL XR-85X90CL XR85X90L XR-85X90L XR85X93L XR-85X93L XR85X95L XR-85X95L XR85X93CL XR-85X93CL XR98X90CL XR-98X90CL XR-98X90L XR98X93L XR-98X93L FWD-75X95L KD-65X85LU A8OL SERIES FWD-50X80L FWD-55X80L FWD-75X80L FWD-77A80L KD-50X75WL KD-65X75WL KD85X80LU XR65A80CL XR98X90L SU-WL855 KD-43X81K KD-43X80L KD-55X85L KD-55X85L E51,KD-65X85L,KD-65X85L E51,XR-75X95L,XR-75X95L E51.
  • XR-42A90K XR-48A90K XR-50X90S KD-43X80L KD-50X75WL XR-55X90L XR-65A80L KD-50X85K KD-50X89K KD-55X80K KD-55X80CK KD-55X81K KD-55X82K KD-55X85K KD-55X89K KD-65X80K KD-65X80CK KD-65X81K KD-65X82K KD-65X85K KD-65X89K KD-75X80K KD-75X80CK KD-75X81K XR-50X92K XR-50X94S XR-55A75K XR-55A80K XR-55A80CK XR-55A83K KD-85X85K KD-85X85TK KD-85X89K XR-65A83K XR-65A84K XR-65A95K XR-65X90CK XR-65X90K XR-65X92K XR-65X93K XR-65X94K XR-65X95K XR-75X90CK XR-75X90K
  • XR-55A84K XR-55A95K XR-55X90K XR-55X90CK XR-55X92K XR-55X93K XR-55X94K XR-65A75K XR-65A80K XR-65A80CK KD-43X72K KD-43X73K KD-43X80K KD-43X81K KD-43X82K KD-43X85K KD-43X85TK KD-43X89K KD-50X72K KD-50X73K KD-50X80K KD-50X81K KD-50X82K KD-50X85TK KD-55X85TK KD-65X85TK KD-75X82K KD-75X85K KD-75X85TK KD-75X89K XR-75X92K XR-75X93K XR-75X94K XR-75X95K XR-75Z9K XR-77A80CK XR-77A80K XR-77A83K XR-77A84K XR-85X90CK XR-85X90K XR-55A95L XR-65A95L XR-77A95L XR-65X95L XR-75X95L XR-85X95L
  • XR-55A83L XR-55A84L XR-65A83L XR-65X93L XR-75X93L XR-85X93L KD43X77L KD50X77L KD55X77L KD65X77L KD75X77L KD85X77L XR85X93L KD-43X77L KD-50X77L KD-55X77L KD-65X77L KD-75X77L KD-85X77L XR-65X90L XR-75X90L XR-85X90L XR-98X90L XR-55A80L XR-77A80L XR-83A80L XR-55A75L XR-65A75L KD-43X75WL KD-50X80L KD-55X75WL KD-55X80L KD-55X85L KD-65X75WL KD-65X80L KD-65X85L KD-75X75WL KD-75X80L KD-75X85L KD-85X80L XR-65A84L XR-77A83L XR-77A84L XR-83A84L
  • Easy to Use: No pairing or programming is required. Just install two new batteries and our remote will work perfectly. Made of high quality ABS material, the controller’s buttons are soft.

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